Independent Whisky Bottlers

Independent Scotch Whisky bottlers started bottling scotch Whisky back in the 18th century, most of these bottlers where traditionally wine brokers and shop owners.  When Whisky found it’s way into the grocer shops and onto the shelves it was predominantly being produced from illegal stills hidden within the glens of the highlands.

Gordon and MacPhailIn those days the demand for the spirit was fierce and many found that it was more profitable to become 100% off-licenses and focus solely on the sale of alcohol. In a natural progression from selling single malt Whisky the store owners started to blend the single malts making their own brand / style of Scotch Whisky.  This enabled much smoother and palatable Whisky to be produced, and a few of these blends are still around today, Johnnie Walker and Dewars White Label.

With most of the independent bottlers deriving from family owned business, a few of these companies are still within the original families, including: Douglas Laing and Gordon & MacPhail.  Also with the Whisky industry in full boom many of the bottlers have now purchased or built distilleries and are producing their own spirit now.

Independent Bottler Information / Brands Company Logo
A D Rattray Founded in 1868, A D Rattray Ltd are responsible for the selection, storage and bottling of exceptional malt whiskies. a-d-rattray-logo
Adelphi Distillery Adelphi Distillery Ltd offer a range of single cask, single malt whiskies through their online shop and various stockists located all over the world. adelphi-logo
Wm Cadenhead Scotland’s oldest independent whisky bottler – which was founded in 1842 by Wm. Cadenhead & G. Duncan – in 1972, the company was bought by the owners of Springbank distillery. They also have a few high street shops selling a range of their independent bottlings. cadenheads-logo
Compass Box Whisky Compass Box is a specialist Scotch Whiskymaker. Compass Box produce small batch Scotch whiskies, each offering a variety of styles & tastes. compass-box-logo
Creative Whisky The Creative Whisky Company was founded in 2005 and specialize in exclusive single cask, single malt whiskies. These drams will not be found in supermarkets or you’re local off licence, they can however be found at exclusive retailers: “The Good Spirits Co.“. creative-whisky-logo
Douglas Laing Founded in 1949 by Fred Douglas Laing, the company started out as whisky blenders but began bottling single malt whiskies in 1999. Their core range includes ‘Old Malt Cask’, ‘McGibbon’s Provenance’, ‘Big Peat’, and ‘Clan Denny’. douglas-laing-logo
Duncan Taylor & Co Ltd Duncan Taylor started out in Glasgow and was initially a merchant & broker of Scotch Whisky Casks. Duncan Taylor is now focusing on the production and marketing of it’s own brands. duncan-taylor-logo
Gordon & MacPhail Founded in 1895 by James Gordon and John MacPhail. This well known brand is famous for releasing many exclusives and also owns huge stocks of maturing casks from many different Scotch distilleries. G&M also own Benromach Distillery. gordon-macphail-logo
Hart Brothers Donald & Iain Hart founded ‘Hart Brothers’ in 64 and were joined in 1975 by their brother Alistair. They started as wine & spirit wholesalers and then later switched to an independent bottler. Their flag ship brand is ‘Hart Brothers Finest Collection’. hart-brothers-logo
Ian Macleod With an output of over 10 million bottles of whiskies each year, Ian Macleod is one of the larger whisky bottlers. Their brands include Chieftain’s, As We Get It, Dunfife, Smokehead, Isle of Skye and Langs. They also own Glengoyne and Tamdhu Distilleries. ian-macleod-logo
Master of Malt Online premium sprits shop. Bottling single casks under their own brand Master of Malt. master-of-malt-logo
Scotch Malt Whisky Society Started in 1983, SMWS is the largest independent bottler of whisky in the world, bottling 130 whisky distilleries. Concentrating mostly on single malt, single cask whiskies, branded only by number and the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. smws-logo