World Wide Whisky

Whisky is not just created in Scotland anymore – many other countries are adopting their own styles and flavour profiles of Whisky. Including Japan, England, Wales, Sweden, New Zealand and South Africa.

At the end of the last century malt whisky was a very small proportion of world wide whisky sales, and most of the sales were concentrated by a handful of brands such as Glenfiddich, Glenlivit, Glenmorangie and the Macallan. However today Scotch malt whisky makes up approx 10 per cent of the entire whisky market, with over 100 distilleries in Scotland there is an abundance of choice and also with many mothballed and closed distilleries in Scotland there are a good handful of rare and collectable Whiskies still out there to be sought after.

Crown RoyalWith huge worldwide sales in the Blended Scotch market, blended Irish and American whiskies are surging up the sales tables are becoming much more accessible and preferred. The strong brands, Jameson, Wild Turkey, Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s, have huge corporations behind them producing fabulous marketing and advertising, which has in turn produced these Whiskies into market leaders.

Japanese whisky first made it’s appearance in the UK over 12 years ago. Japan’s style of whisky, adopted and learned from the Scottish whisky makers over a 100 years ago, is a winning combination of meticulous attention to detail and some of the best wood around, characterises the whisky as now unmisstakle Japanese.

Distilleries such as Yoichi, Yamazaki, Hakushu and Karuizawa have picked up a many international awards and are all popular with whisky fans all over the world.

With Japan’s success many other countries around the world are trying to make their own style of Whisky.  Of course there are some countries that have been making Whisky for almost as long as the Scots / Irish, Americans and the Canadians and with their own individual styles Triple Distilled, Bourbon and Rye all these whiskies are also seeing an increase in popularity worldwide.  The love of Whisky is on the up.